[A good start] XCMG XC9 high-tech loaders are exported to North America in batches

Jiangsu TV coverage

At the beginning of 2020, more than 40 XCMG XC9 series large-tonnage loaders were exported to the high-end market of North America.

Recently, this intelligent wheel loader manufacturing base was decorated with lanterns, streamers and balloons, and the XC949 loader set customized for the North American market wore red armor with highly-raised buckets, arranged in a neat and spectacular way.

Beat the gong to usher in a good start 

Beat the gong

Yang Dongsheng announces to start the vehicles

With Yang’s order, more than 40 XC949 loaders started together, with roaring engine and loud steam whistle, heralding XCMG Earthmoving Machinery’s march towards the global high-end markets in 2020.

“This march shows that XCMG Earthmoving Machinery is recognized by global high-end markets and users; for China’s loader industry, it is a breakthrough in the traditional market, a continuation of the past glory, a beautiful battle in the global high-end market competition, and a demonstration of confidence and strength of Chinese manufacturing” Wang Qingzhu said in an interview with the media.

“As of November 2019, XCMG loader welcomes a raise when the whole industrial export falls by 10%. The customized loader is highly recognized by oversea customers. At the beginning of 2020, XCMG loader takes the lead in the export to the high-end construction machinery market in North America, which further strengthens the determination and confidence of XCMG’s international employees to explore the global high-end market.” Liu Jiansen said in the face of the XC9 series loaders about to set sail.

As the first product moving into the international market, XCMG loader develops in the market steadily, ranking the first in the export of China’s loader industry for 30 years in a row.

At the end of 2018, XCMG Earthmoving Machinery put forward an international development strategy, namely the “ten-thousand and one-hundred-million yuan”, aiming at exporting 10,000 units of the whole machine, expanding the post-market construction, transferring 100,000,000 yuan of spare parts overseas, and extending the warranty period for one year overseas for the first time in the industry. It also held the “one million miles” activities for three constructive years to improve the value for global customers.


Share Chinese value with the world by customization


The exported XC9 series of high-end loaders are high-quality products that practice the concept of “leading technology and lasting endurance”. The JRB-type quick change device commonly used in North America is to ensure efficient switching of various machines and tools, so as to meet the needs of regional customers. Integrating the advanced design concept from North America, this device is of streamlined machine body, with the large chamfer and small rounded angle cooperated perfectly, taking both the functional requirements of heat dissipation and convenient maintenance into account. It is covered with customized orange coating of customers’ brand to meet their needs.

A good start in 2020, XCMG XC9 series of loaders are exported to the high-end markets of North America in batches, marking that the loader is completely able to become a high-end brand in the global market under the guidance of “ten-thousand and one-million yuan” strategy. XCMG Earthmoving Machinery will put the “three-step” strategy in place and work hard to advance XCMG to the Everest summit!