Welcome to Eyedeya

Eyedeya serves as a portal to display your imagination in 3D/Visual Graphics or 2D with the ongoing
enhancement to 3D.  Dreamers and Contributors will be able to post their art or engineering projects for public to view and critique. Contributors may enhance these Eyedeyas to further perfecting so that the product one day will make its way to reality for humanity.

The Eyedeya Process


Dream It!

Have an idea for something awesome? Start by putting your thoughts into words! New inventions start from dreams!



The next step it to start creating concept drawings and graphics. Start producing visuals! This is where our Eyedeya Artists can help you turn those words into the vision you see in your head.



Is your idea something physical? Want to turn it into something that's real and works? Our engineers can help you turn your concept into a 3D file that can be manufactured or printed!


Shoot for the Stars

That's it! After your idea has been finalized, the community of Eyedeya can rate, comment and critique your designs! Collaboration is key!

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Which One Are You?


Dreamers are those who have brilliant ideas for the next big thing! Without dreamers, our technology would not move forward. If you are an Eyedeya Contributor or if you have a unique talent or skillset, a Dreamer could use your help! Browse the minds of the world's thinkers and help sponsor the next big invention!



Contributors are, without a doubt, the building blocks that allow the Dreamers' projects to come to life. Contributors put forth their talents and abilities for the Eyedeya community to utilize so that there is an end result of a project to showcase. Browse our community of Contributers if you have a project in mind and need some help bringing it to life!